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About BISS

The British and Irish Sandplay Society

The British and Irish Sandplay Society (BISS) was established in the late 1980's by Joel Ryce-Menuhin. Joel studied psychology in Switzerland with the founder of Sandplay therapy, Dora M. Kalff, and he became a highly regarded Jungian psychotherapist. He wrote and edited several books on psychology including Jung and the Monotheism, Self in Early Childhood and Jungian Sandplay: The Wonderful Therapy. In addition to being an editor to the Jungian journal, Harvest he wrote additional books and articles on Jungian psychology.

BISS is the national British and Irish member society of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST), a non-profit making organization which was inaugurated in 1985 by its founder Dora Kalff. The organisation was originally based in Zollikon, Switzerland and its current headquarters is in Zurich, Switzerland.

Fourteen founding members were involved in the inauguration of the Society. These included Kaspar Kiepenheuer (Germany), M.Kalff (Switzerland), Dr. Paola Carducci & Andreina Navone (Italy), Joel Ryce-Menuhin (England), Kay Bradway, Estelle Weinrib, Chonita Larsen & Cecil Burney (U.S.A), Hayao Kawai, Yasuhiro Yamanaka & Kazumiko Higuchi, (Japan). In the following year Sigrid Löwen Seifert from Germany was included in this founding circle of the ISST. A majority of the founding members were Jungian analysts.

The International Society for Sandplay Therapy is an umbrella society operating through eleven National Societies and independent members spread in several countries throughout the world. It aims to provide a meeting ground for an exchange of knowledge and experience through training programmes and by encouraging research on Jungian / Kalffian Sandplay therapy. Consistent with this aim BISS runs a two-year professional training programme in Jungian Sandplay on a bi-annual basis in London, leading to simultaneous membership of both the British and Irish Sandplay Society and the International Society for Sandplay Therapy. The International Society for Sandplay Therapy and the British and Irish Sandplay Society also offer their members access to an international network of experienced therapists engaged in non-verbal and symbolic therapeutic practice and an arena for presentations, research, exchange and discussion in a bi-annual Congress hosted by different National Societies.