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Overview of the Training Programme



Content of the Training Programme


Sandplay practicalities and practice: Pertinent issues of the experience and practice of Sandplay therapy (outside of the actual contents of the tray itself) are explored.

Symbols: An exploration of the concept, characteristics and experience of symbols. Differentiating signs, symbols and archetypes. The image and power of symbols as they present in the sand. The transcendent function. Methods for studying symbols and writing symbols papers.

Sandplay cases and case material: Exposure to case material provides a rich and essential platform for familiarisation with and apprehension of paths and patterns of psychic energy as they emerge in the tray, and of the effect this can then have on the client. Whole cases, part cases, or single sessions will be used to study and explore their intrinsic dynamic significance, as well as to highlight particular issues and concepts.

Image and Healing: An essential component of Sandplay is working with images. This topic explores what makes the activity of image making valuable in practice, and includes an exploration of its context in human culture beyond the sand tray.

Jungian theoretical perspectives:  The key concepts of Jungian psychology and theory which underpin the framework of Sandplay work are explored.

Cultural perspectives: Introduction to the symbolic language of myths and fairy tales, and working with specific tales and their use in understanding psychological process. Examples of myth expressed in Sandplay, film, artwork and literature and how they inform our understanding, practice and experience.

Child development in relation to Sandplay:  Core aspects of the development of the personality and a sense of self. The impact of trauma and the potential use of Sandplay and pre-Sandplay.  The interplay of inner and outer worlds in the child psychological development.

Psychopathology: The purpose of this is to develop skills in thinking about, and being aware of the possibility of pathological illnesses, their varied presentation and meaning, and how to set up and use an appropriate support network in this regard.

Historical perspectives: Background, history and contexts of Sandplay. Jung in the context of the emergence of modern psychology and psychotherapy.