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BISS training programme

The Training Programme is based in London. Training seminars take place in the form of weekend modules all of which must be completed. This modular structure is designed to facilitate participants from Ireland and across Britain to attend. The training programme currently requires the completion of 150 hours of theoretical teaching applied to sandplay practice. The course itself offers 100 hours of training and the remaining 50 may be gained through attendance at national and international conferences and any additional training days, with the proviso that they are offered by ISST Teaching Members.  

Next training due to begin: September 2019.

For details on application requirements see  A weekend module for the 2019/21 training cycle will take place in each of the following months, exact dates are yet to be decided:

September 2019
November 2019
January 2020
March 2020 
May 2020
July 2020
November 2020 
January 2021


To gain full membership (BISS/ISST):

Two written symbol papers need to be completed, the first from reference material and the second from case material. In addition, 80 hours of supervsion of clinical practice in sandplay. Supervison may be completed on an indivdual basis or may include a limited maximum number of group supervison hours as specificed by ISST. Working with clients in Sandplay may only commence after forty theoretical hours of training and after the first written symbol paper has been passed. Supervision must be with a Teaching Member of ISST.

The final step to membership is the preparation of a written and illustrated Case Study, under guidance of an advisor (who may also be your supervisor). On completion this will also be submitted to three International Readers, at least one of whom must be a BISS Teaching Member, and if accepted will lead to membership of BISS and ISST.